Aftermarket Assassins Custom Tuned Power Vision for Kawasaki KRX 1000



This Kit Includes a FREE Tuner Mount
  • Tuner works with any current KRX 1000 model
  • If you are looking for an easy to use ECU tuner loaded with the most badass custom tunes on the market, you've found it!  This DynoJet Powervision is a very simple, yet effective device that programs your ECU in a few minutes, and easily allows you to switch between tunes, or return to the factory tune.  The Powervision has the advantage over other ECU tuners as it actually reads what's inside your ECU before tuning.  This ensures the correct tune is being loaded, making it a very safe device.  The AA custom tunes deliver the most possible power gains.  With our expert knowledge of Bosch throttle by wire ECU tuning, we are able to get around factory limiters, make a more responsive machine, and of course create more horsepower and torque.  Our tunes are loaded on the Powervision just for your machine, so all you do is open the box and download them into your ECU.  We recommend clutching with a tune to get the most out of your vehicle.  See below for even more features of our custom tunes.
  • Big horsepower gains! The factory timing map is very detuned on the KRX which allows us to easily wake things up
  • Quicker throttle response and power delivery
  • Throttle by wire tables are modified for better response, especially in high range.  Low range throttle mapping is a little better, but still left mild for good crawling.
  • Full throttle/power in reverse (factory limits reverse throttle)
  • AA's wicked timing curve built for 91-93 octane fuel
  • A great fuel curve that gives much better low end (as well as all around) power as the factory map is very lean in key areas.
  • Accelerator enrichment is optimized for better fueling and vehicle response when stabbing the throttle
  • Fan on/off temp lowered to 185/180 degrees Fahrenheit (Stock is 189/183)
  • Seatbelt limiter disabled
  • Speed limiter removed in low and high gears
  • Rev limit at a safe 9800 RPM (Stock is 9500 RPM)
  • Best peak power when tuned is 7000-7300 RPM at wide open throttle around 50 MPH in a full power run
  • Very easy to use tuner that can also check and erase most trouble codes
  • Easily data log 25 parameters with 1 push of a button and review on your windows computer later
  • No mess of having to send in your ECU, and a safer way of programming your ECU (easily go back to stock tune)
  • Mount using the supplied dual lock Velcro
  • Level 1 Tune: Built for the OEM exhaust(cat removed is okay) and 91-93 octane.  Gains 10 RWHP in some areas, and on average 7-8 RWHP when combined with our clutching. This takes your KRX from roughly 112 factory rated crank HP to 125 HP.  The AA S2 Clutch Kit is highly suggested with this tune.
  • Level 2 Tune: Built for an aftermarket exhaust (slip-on or full system) and 91-93 octane.  Gains 16-17 RWHP in some areas, and on average 14-15 RWHP when combined with our clutching and exhaust. This takes your KRX from roughly 112 factory rated crank HP to 135 HP.  The AA S2 Clutch Kit is highly suggested with this tune.
  • More tunes are coming, if you have any specific needs please let us know!
  • Why AA tunes over others?  We have been tuning UTV's with CVT clutches for a long time, longer than almost anyone in our field going back to the 800 RZR.  Tuning a CVT vehicle properly is not an easy task as you have so many variables at one time.  We spend the time to wheel dyno(with actual UTV tires) correctly per modification, and have advanced ECU calibration and clutching knowledge to do so. Every change in horsepower can result in us changing clutching several times. We also develop most of our supporting mods so we know everything works correctly, and build parts to fit the vehicles needs.  Lastly and honestly the most important; we then back up our results with real world data logging on local trails and our facility on 110 acres.  It's this combination that truly makes the difference and why AA normally has a faster vehicle with the same or less rated tune horsepower.
  • Part Number:  100-17-01

Additional information

Select Year

2020, 2021, 2022

Select First Tune

Level 1: 91-93 Octane (Stock Exhaust), Level 2: 91-93 Octane (Slip-On/Full Exhaust)

Select Second Tune (optional)

None, Level 1: 91-93 Octane (Stock Exhaust) (+$50), Level 2: 91-93 Octane (Slip-On/Full Exhaust) (+$50)