2022-Up X3 RR 200 HP Stage 1 Lock & Load Kit



Throttle Control Box

Reverse Override Toggle Switch

Add Adjustable Helix

Add Clutch Puller

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Kit fits ONLY 2022-Up X3RR with the MG1 silver ECU and P-Drive primary clutch. Does not work with 2021-older models with 6 arm primary clutch.

  • Lock & Load!  This Stage 1 kit provide a big increase in horsepower and torque simplified into an easy package.  Increased boost and clutching on the X3 go together like high powered rifles and tannerite.  Together they pack a huge punch for the ultimate power gains to the wheels.   The AA Boost Box allows for great power depending on the level tune, supporting mods & fuel you want to run.  The clutching allows for RPM to ramp up faster and to reach those higher RPM where best power to the wheels is made in the real world.
  • If you have a stock X3 (performance parts wise) this kit is best combined with the Level 2 tune.  If you have an exhaust you can start to venture deeper into other tunes.  Read more on this below in our tune specific descriptions.
  • The 2022+ X3 RR is quick out of the box, but why stop there?  The potential for this X3 RR is so much more.  The intake, turbocharger and intercooler upgrades on this model make it easy to crank up the horsepower and still maintain low intake temps.  We are very impressed by what this UTV can do out of the gate with very few modifications.  The factory seemed to make the boost come on very lazy, while it peaks out nicely around 18-19 PSI (at our location, 1000ft altitude) it takes a bit to get there.  Our Boost Box makes peak boost come on much quicker (especially when combined with the AA Throttle Box). The factory also makes boost fall off a cliff over 8000 RPM.  Our Boost Box will maintain boost much better at higher RPM to hold the power and allow you to clutch at a higher RPM where these motors like to run.  Read below for even more information on our Boost Box.
  • Huge horsepower and torque gains depending on the level of tune desired and supporting modifications.
  • Not just dyno tested! We are avid riders and like the factory, a ton of the testing is done in the field to make sure you are getting 110%.  Often times we can make significant changes to further increase power, drivability, and feel of the machine that can never be done on the dyno. We tune to max power for the fuel & supporting mods.  You won’t find more power no matter what others claim.  We also have a longer history than nearly all competitors of tuning CVT transmission vehicles with turbochargers.
  • Wicked throttle response and power delivery (for sport mode)
  • Increase or decrease pedal response on the fly with optional Throttle Control Box
  • Boost tables properly modified for the fuel & modifications along with lightning quick turbo spool
  • Safety parameters to protect your motor and turbocharger are still in place
  • Easily return back to stock or switch tunes at any time
  • Installs easily by plugging into your MAP sensors, battery power, and mounting the switch
  • Air/fuel ratios extensively tested and verified at each tune level
  • A stock X3 RR on our dyno was 178-180 RWHP with 32″ tires and runs roughly 18-19 PSI of boost
    • Level 1 – 91-93 Octane – 188 RWHP / 210-215 crank HP:  Our Level 1 tune is okay to run on a bone stock X3 RR without  clutching or exhaust modifications.   This tune runs an average of 19-20  PSI of boost and is a very safe with great gains on 91 octane fuel.   The stock wastegate spring pressure works best with this tune.
    • Level 2 – 91-93 Octane – 193 RWHP / 220-225 crank HP:  Our Level 2 tune is again designed for 91-93 octane and is very safe.   This tune is absolutely nuts for being able to run on a bone stock X3  RR..  Peak boost is around 22-23 PSI, and settles down to roughly 20-21  PSI. Stock clutching is usually okay, but our clutch kit will  drastically help improve performance and keep peak RPM in check.   Our  blow off valve kit is recommended.  This tune will work great with stock  exhaust but even better with aftermarket exhaust.   Your wastegate rod should be shortened 2 turns from the factory position with a crack pressure of 9-10 PSI.
    • Level 3 – 91-93 Octane MAX tune – 204 RWHP / 235-240 crank HP:  Our Level 3 tune puts the hammer down on 91-93 octane!  It will peak  around 23-24 PSI and sustain around 22-23 PSI…. around 1 PSI higher  than our Level 2.  This is a big 24 RWHP gain over factory, making  204-205 RWHP on our dyno.   Our blow off valve kit is highly  recommended.  This tune will work great with stock exhaust but even  better with aftermarket exhaust.  If  running hard like in the dunes, we’d suggest running 93 octane or  bumping up 91 with booster, OR upgrading to an aftermarket exhaust will  rid enough heat from the motor to run 91 octane.   Your wastegate rod should be shortened 4 turns from the factory position with a crack pressure of 11-12 PSI.
    • Level 4 – 95-100 Octane – Beast mode – 213 RWHP / 250-255 crank HP:  This tune is designed for 95-100 octane and was developed using one  can of VP Octanium Unleaded to a tank of fuel.  Mixing other race fuel  with the tune to get 95-100 octane output would work great, just keep in  mind leaded fuels can take out O2 sensors when running leaded fuel  consistently.  Now for the fun part…. this tune is INSANE for a stock  turbo tune and brings your X3 RR to a new level at 213 RWHP on our dyno.  This is a 33 RWHP gain and pushes to 25-26 PSI peak boost, then settles  to 24-25 PSI. There are a few other problems with this tune…. the  speedometer struggles to keep up with the wicked acceleration and the  tires won’t stop burning off.  A free flowing exhaust like our 3″ system  is highly recommended for proper power.  Clutching is required to keep  peak RPM in check.   Your wastegate rod should be shortened 6 turns from the factory position with a crack pressure of 12-13 PSI  Our blow off valve kit is HIGHLY recommended to prevent turbo damage.
  • Peak power is made from 7900-8200 on these models, so always set clutch calibrations to run at that RPM for proper performance
  • Tune levels explained:  We have 3 different pump gas tunes so customer can dial the vehicle to  a usable power level for wherever they are riding, and it’s somewhat of  an RPM cheater.  Say you are trail riding mostly and don’t need the  Level 3 power… but you go to the dunes. You can run Level 1 on the  trails and set your clutches up for that, then when you go to the dunes,  crank it up to Level 2 or 3 and increase peak RPM without adjusting  clutching.   Sometimes clutching still needs to be done for best  performance, but this at least closes the gap so you don’t usually HAVE  to adjust weights or helix.  For us, this is great on short trips where  you just don’t have time to change out clutching.
  • Exhaust:  We found the exhaust on these vehicles flows very well for factory,  but still restrictive on spool up.  When on the dyno you can see this,  and feel this in the field. The more boost you run, the more power is  being withheld.   With Level 3 & 4 we could see 6-8 RWHP gains from  0-50 vs the OEM exhaust.  After roughly 55-60 MPH, the stock exhaust/power level comes within a few % of the aftermarket exhaust.   Also, aftermarket exhausts like ours will remove heat MUCH better, so  your X3 RR will run more consistent and powerful when driving hard.
  • Reverse limiter fix:  The optional AA Reverse Override Switch allows for full power in reverse without having to hold the OEM momentary switch.  Just flip it and override stays on.
  • Speed limiter fix:  We have something in the works here as well, stay tuned!
  •  How to:  Waste Gate Adjustment
  • Max boost levels are listed as reference only. Altitude, temperature, charge temps, intercooler temps and many other conditions play into a factor of final boost output.
  • To prevent turbocharger damage, we would recommend our blow off valve kit on Level 3 or higher. Level 4 and higher the blow off valve is absolutely necessary.  Running this much boost, turbo surge can be a real problem when in/out of the throttle.
  • S1 kits include our AA Recoil magnetic adjustable clutch weights, magnets, stainless steel weight pin removal tool & setup guideline. You can choose to upgrade to our adjustable helix which makes this an S3 kit. See the adjustable helix page for more information.
  • Our setup guideline will let you know how to set your weights for stock horsepower to 220 RWHP, 28″ – 32″ tires, 28-32″ paddle tires, different altitudes & more.
  • Fully adjustable magnetic weights are easy to use and adjust
  • Adjustable weights have more tip weight and act heavier.  This means they also accelerate and up shift much harder.
  • A clutch puller is needed to install the clutch weights and a compression tool if upgrading to the adjustable helix. Clutch Puller & Clutch Compression Tool
  • For even more info on the parts included, see these links:  AA X3 RR Boost Box, 2022+ X3 RR S1 Clutch Kit
  • Switch image shows both the Boost Control Switch & Throttle Control Switch Mounted
  • If ordering internationally you will be invoiced separately for shipping.  Please let us know if you need a quote.
  • Get ready to hang on, your X3 RR is about to transform!
  • Part Number: 113-1031-1