AA Can Am X3 Sidekick 3″ Full Exhaust




  • Exhaust fits all 2017-Up Can Am Maverick X3 models including the 120HP, 154HP, 172HP, 195HP RR & 200HP RR
  • Hands down this is one of the best exhausts on the market for your X3!  We developed this to be great sounding (nice deep tone), have adjustable sound (with available quiet cap), and flow as well as a straight pipe. The looks are exceptional as the dual tips follow the body lines nicely and give the rear end an aggressive look.
  • Depending on tune level, see gains of 4-7 RWHP
  • No tune needed, will work with the OEM calibration, however tuning is always suggested if possible
  • Sound clip stationary: https://youtu.be/crD36DKFrpQ
  • Sound clip in the dunes:  https://youtu.be/MtJV3LX3HIE
  • The AA full 3″ system greatly decreases exhaust, turbo, and engine heat.  This allows you to safely run more boost and NOT have your X3 de-tuned because of detonation.  When detonation is sensed by the detonation sensor, the ECU will pull timing until the detonation is no longer detected. This greatly decreases power output.
  • Unique design sets the muffler inline with the header.  This allows for less bends in the exhaust which equals more flow and less heat!
  • Nice deep, throaty sound (not tinny/metallic sounding).  It will turn heads from how good it sounds!
  • Adjustable sound in seconds!  Purchase the quiet core to tone down your X3 and make it near stock dB, but with a better note.  With the exhaust wide open, the exhaust is not terribly loud but has that perfect tone you are looking for.
  • All stainless steel construction built in the USA at AA
  • Hydroblasted finish with rust inhibitor gives more durability/longevity than a polished exhaust (installed pictures show polished exhaust, not hydroblasted)
  • Made with high quality V-Band clamps, laser cut brackets, and the highest quality exhaust bellow (flex joint)
  • Easily bolts in place; Installation normally takes under an hour
  • If you need to, or for even less sound, you can purchase the spark arrestor to go with the Stealth Quiet cap.  You can even run 2 of them if you are not running the Stealth Quiet cap.
  • Exits right out of your factory cover and sets in perfectly with our anodized aluminum AA rear plate (requires drilling holes & bolting in place)
  • See instructions HERE
  • Part number: 110-1004