sPOD SourceLT Rocker Switch Kit – Polaris RZR Pro R 2022-2023



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sPOD™ SourceLT Rocker Switch Kit for the Polaris Pro R 2022-on UTV has been designed specifically to integrate into your vehicle seamlessly while allowing you total control of all your powered accessories. Utilizing 6 rocker switches mounted within the center dash of your Pro R, the SourceLT PCM is tucked away at the lower foot panel for that clean OEM look.

The SourceLT will save hours of wiring & installation time. It is a small, 6-circuit control system that provides a clean and safe way to power and control 12VDC accessories. No cutting, fishing wires into the cab or tapping into the vehicle‘s electrical system. With one ethernet cable to the cab, it’s the perfect over-all solution for all your aftermarket electrical accessories with options unmatched by anyone. NOTE: (1) The PCM bracket in this kit will interfere with aftermarket accessories mounted on the passager footwell. (2) Features such as dimming, flash, and strobe for this kit are available only through the sPOD™ app and cannot be accessed using the rocker switches.

The 6 Switch setup includes the following:

  • (1) SourceLT System
  • (1) 84” Battery Cable Set
  • (1) 6 LED Switch Panel
  • (1) 10’ Ethernet Cable
  • (1) Mounting Bracket
  • All necessary hardware

Specs for the SourceLT:

  • 6 circuits rated at 30 amps at 12.5 VDC per circuit
  • 12-position terminal block
  • Integrated low voltage cutoff battery protection w/ optional override
  • 100 amp in-line fuse
  • Operates on 12 VDC
  • Built in Bluetooth capabilities for remote control