The CryoHeat 67 Tooth Low Gear is a high performance replacement for the Polaris 67 Tooth Low Gear #3235232.

Our gears are case hardened 8620 carbonized steel to ensure awesome strength and durability. After manufacturing, the gear goes through our proprietary CryoHeat process. This process stress relieves the entire molecular structure of the part relieving any microscopic impurities and making the part 25% stronger in sheer strength and showing increased wear resistance by over 200%. Followed by our micro polishing that stress relieves the outside surface and also removing blemishes on gear teeth that would normally cause unwanted friction, stress and heat. This ultra smooth surface allows the gears to move effortlessly with significantly less friction and drag, allowing them to run cooler during operation and providing faster acceleration all the way to top speed.

This 67 Tooth Low Gear needs to be mated with a 25 tooth low speed gear on the input shaft.

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