MB Whips Radiant Series Whip Pairs



If you are simply looking for the brightest fixed color whip possible, then you’ve come to the right place. The MB Radiant series provides serious LED light output with 600 LEDs per whip on our 42” whip. Those 600 high output LEDs pack some series power and can cast shadows hundreds of yards away. This is the brightest whip we’ve ever made. There’s no doubt you’ll be seen on any trail or dune!


Already have some Flash series whips with the power in base design? No problem, these whips use the same pinout design and can work on the Flash whip bases without issue. If you do not have our whips already, no problem with that either. Each whip pair will come with two powered bases with a length of wire with the power and ground bare tips. Simply run power from a switched power or accessory power source to each base and you are good to go. We also offer a Plug N Play wiring harness option in our accessories section that includes a full relay harness, fuses and a lighted whip switch for the dash. These whips are not designed to be run directly to the battery without a fuse and switch.


The Radiant Series are built to order so allow for a week of production time before shipping. We’ll try to do it as fast as possible and may beat the week timeframe.

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