Complete Drivetrain Solution – 2018-2021 RZR TURBO S – 4 SEAT



Dimensions- 58 x 9 x 4 in

Weight- 40 lbs


The patented carrier bearing/driveline combo to strengthen and straighten the driveline, a front differential bearing and seal kit to smooth out and quiet down an angry diff, a motor mount kit for reinforcement of the rear end and a grease whip to make maintenance quick and easy. This kit has it all.

• Driveline (front and rear, phased and balanced)
• Gen 3 Carrier Bearing with Grease Whip
• Front Differential Bearing and Seal Kit with upgraded Gear Pin
• Billet Motor Mount Stands with Kevlar Infused Bushings
• 4130 TIG welded Motor Mount Tube