Carrier Bearing – 2018-2020 XP TURBO S



Dimensions- 8 x 6 x 2 in

Weight- 2 lbs



SANDCRAFT Motorsports has developed the only true solution for driveline vibration and premature wear. The SANDCRAFT Carrier Bearings use the patented auto set angle feature to correct the driveline angle across multiple UTV platforms. Correcting the driveline angle results in less wear on the output of the transmission and the input of the front differential by eliminating side loading of the bearings. The Carrier Bearing extends the life of the drivetrain. Our Carrier Bearings are fully GREASABLE while having 3 layers of protection to keep dirt, sand, mud and water out. The 2-piece design will dramatically lower installation time and routine maintenance. Correcting the angle of your driveline has never been easier.

The Carrier Bearing is only part of what we’re correcting with our patent. Your stock driveline angle is severely skewed. This means each joint is experiencing unneeded stress on every rotation. This extreme angle causes loss of power, noise and premature failure. The SANDCRAFT Carrier Bearing is a critical upgrade because it straightens the driveline to the optimal position, re-gains the lost power and improves the entire drivetrain.