Aftermarket Assassins 2020-Up RZR Pro XP/Turbo R Post-Airbox to Turbo High Flow Intake w/ Catch Can




  • Fits 2020-22 Pro XP/Turbo R 2 & 4 Seat Models
  • Intake tube with integrated catch can is a must have for any Pro XP, but especially needed when running our level 4 our higher tunes.  When boost levels come up, so does crank case pressure.  When this happens you push more oil/water vapor/fuel out of the crank case breather.  These items then go through your intact tract and cause issues, especially with the MAP sensors.
  • Integrated catch can uses the intake vacuum to drop crank case pressure.  Using a 1.5″ port (1/2″ larger than factory) we draw more negative pressure to help sustain horsepower under higher boost pressure.
  • Catch can easily drains with the valve.  We recommend draining after every ride if possible.
  • High flow intake tube replaces the factory cheesy tube to create less resistance and better airflow
  • More air volume on tap at the turbocharger for quicker spool
  • 1/8″ barb installed on the intake tube for your factory boost controller bleed hose.  This fixes the issue with the bleed hose becoming clogged with dirt/mud/sand and not working properly.
  • Better seal than the factory tube with nice silicone couplers
  • High quality TIG welded aluminum tube with bead rolled edges
  • Made at the AA facility in the USA
  • See instructions HERE
  • Part number: 112-1025