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  • Turbo fits 2016-2021 RZR XP Turbo Models including Turbo S
  • Ready to step up to the next level on your XPT and gain some serious power? Up to 255-260 crank horsepower! This complete bolt-on, water cooled turbo is just what you need for up to 25-27 PSI of boost!  The water cooled turbo is like what is used on the new Pro XP as the water cooling helps keep charge temps extremely cool.  This makes for more sustained power and cooler motor/engine/exhaust temps.   Boost temps will skyrocket quickly on the factory turbo, where as with our water cooled turbo and much larger compressor housing, they will be lower… even at boost temps over 25 pounds!  Now that we are moving air on the intake side, we need to get that air out.  This turbocharger includes a high flow 10 blade exhaust turbine with a larger bore to decrease back pressure and heat buildup in the motor.  Heat buildup on the exhaust side is another HUGE issue with the factory turbo.  What’s essentially happening is you are running out of exhaust flow, and that makes more power very hard to produce.  With this high flow turbine, we can increase boost and see a healthy increase in horsepower with our tuning on pump gas and race fuel.  The factory wastegate is also a big problem as it’s very weak, and as time goes on the spring only gets weaker.  Building boost with a wimpy wastegate can produce varied results, hot temps, and turbo overheating.  We install a high pressure actuator complete with a new bracket.  This wastegate has extremely consistent results, will hold a huge amount of boost, and is a key component in this turbo mod working so well.  Each turbo is fully  balanced and setup from a professional turbocharger manufacturer.
  • Thinking of another turbo upgrade?  Many of our competitors offer an inferior mod, and do not offer the advanced tuning we do. Many use stock waste gates, do not bore the compressor housing, or do not modify the exhaust turbine.  These are all huge reasons why our turbo works well. Tuning changes are drastic for modifications like this, and many others do not have the correct tuning knowledge to pair with such mod.
  • ECU Type/o2 Color drop down choice:  2017-18 models ALL have the standard black lead.  In 2019+ models blue o2 leads are wideband models and we must know this.  These models are a different ECU type and will NOT do an ECU read (we supply your stock file).  For more information on this, see this link: https://aftermarketassassins.com/tech-blog/f/rzr-turbo-evap-ca-models# 
  • Requires AA custom tunes built specifically for this turbo
  • For level 5 and 6 you MUST tighten your head bolts to 85ft-lbs or install head stud. This requires cam removal/timing of the motor.  This is also suggested for level 4 as you are on the edge of OEM head bolt torque.
  • OEM turbo induces is 36mm, AA Turbo is 41mm with an overall larger billet wheel
  • OEM turbo exhaust exducer 50mm, AA turbo is 54mm with a 10 blade turbine wheel for higher exhaust flow
  • Stainless steel turbine housing has greater corrosion resistance and is less likely to crack like the OEM housing
  • Stock like drivability!
  • Gain another 12-15 RWHP on pump gas tunes over the factory turbo
  • Big gains in low end performance and crazy high end gains on longer pulls (this mod does not fade off anywhere near as much as the factory setup)
  • Lower EGT’s (Exhaust temps) due to higher exhaust flow
  • Lower intake temps before and after the intercooler
  • More efficient turbo all around which is easier on the turbo and motor
  • A must have if you ride in higher elevations where the stock turbo struggles to create boost
  • Our test results on our 2019 Turbo S Show 137-138rwhp.  A standard XPT has less aggressive clutching and will show 134-135rwhp stock.
  • The Level 2 turbo upgrade tune is a very safe 16-17 PSI 91 octane tune, good to run on any 91 oxy/ethanol.  This tune produces 155-160 RWHP peak(calculated 195 crank hp), but will pull much harder and keep that horsepower maintained much better than the stock turbo.
  • The Level 3 turbo upgrade tune offers 18-20 PSI and is also meant to run on 91-93 octane fuel.  This produces 175 RWHP (calculated 220 crank hp) and comes on unbelievably strong, and keeps pulling.  Those with 91 non ethanol, or 93 even with ethanol will be fine on straight gas.  Those with oxygenated  91 might want to think about adding splash of race fuel or VP Octanium/boostane fuel additive.
  • The Level 4 turbo upgrade tune is for 98-100 octane fuel. This will produce 185-187 RWHP (calculated 240 crank hp) at 22-23 PSI and hauls the mail!  Most will mix race fuel with pump fuel to get the 100 octane which is what we recommend.  A can of Octanium/boostane to your tank will also work with this tune.
  • The Level 5 turbo upgrade tune is for 110 octane fuel and simply drops the hammer!  You’ll have everyone wondering what is done to your RZR with this bad ass tune.  A huge 25-26 PSI of boost that comes on HARD.  This tune produces 200-205+ RWHP (calculated 250-260 crank horsepower) on our dyno, and has shown 215-220 on customer dynos. We normally run this tune on 110 leaded fuel.  Leaded fuel is harder on O2 sensors but we have not had much of an issue.  We would suggest picking up another O2 sensor, or an O2 blockoff to keep around.
  • The Level 6 E-85 turbo upgrade tune is simply unbelievable. Very similar to the 110 tune power, but runs on cheap corn(E85) fuel! This can also be ran on VP or other E85 fuels.  This fuel makes the motor run cooler and it absolutely loves it.  If using pump E-85, make sure you are between 70-85% ethanol for this tune.  25-26 PSI with a wicked timing curve that produces the same 200-205 RWHP.   This tune requires our 1200cc injectors and our high flow fuel pump.  The injectors are included in the price of the Level 6 tune. Selecting Level 6 will result in all tunes being built to run 1200cc injectors. You MUST run the 1200cc injectors with all tunes if selecting this option.
  • Supported mods needed:  AA big turbo tunes for PV, AA high flow intake tube, AA high flow charge tube, AA performance S3 clutch kit, AA blow off valve, AA slip-on exhaust or a slip-on exhaust that has the same flow. Power levels are shown with the AA exhaust with no quiet core installed.
  • Supported mods needed to run level 4-6:  Tighten head bolts to 85ft-lbs or install ARP studs to 85ft-lbs, gap plugs to .020″, catch can (version 3 is highly suggested), and pre airbox intake tube
  • 2016 models will need our 2017 style injectors and upgraded fuel pump.  If wanting to run E85 on a 2016 model, please contact us as you will then need 1200cc injectors.
  • How to tell if you have a 2019+ evap model : https://aftermarketassassins.com/tech-blog/f/rzr-turbo-evap-ca-models
  • Turbo kit includes:  Complete balanced AA water cooled turbocharger with stainless turbine housing, water lines, and instructions
  • See instructions HERE
  • Part number: 112-1024