AA RZR XP 1000 Fuel Pump Assembly





  • Fits 2014+ RZR XP 1000 Models
  • Complete pump assembly is ready to drop in the tank
  • Extremely high quality fuel pump is compatible with ethanol mixed fuels up to E85
  • Great replacement if you think/know your factory pump is weak or if your current pump is not working
  • Weak fuel pumps normally show a loss of power/peak RPM at wide open throttle.  As they worsen, you may have low and mid range stumbling as well.  Keep in mind sometimes bad fuel pumps send or allow debris to reach the fuel injector inlet screen and the injectors may also need cleaning or replacing.
  • Pump housing is assembled at the AA facility in the USA
  • Why the AA pump over cheaper ones? We found the cheaper Chinese fuel pump assemblies had poor wiring and a very cheap pump with a high failure rate. The AA fuel pump is high end with better wiring for a much higher quality assembly.
  • We highly suggest using a flashlight to look in the tank with the OEM pump removed.  Make sure you do not have any debris in the tank that would cause new pump failure and clean out the tank if need be.
  • This can be installed in a stock or modified vehicle.
  • Part Number: 112-1031