AA Heavy Magnet Slugs for AA Clutch Arms




  • If you are needing extra weight in your clutch arms due to higher power or other situations, these are your solution
  • AA slug magnets fit the following base weight AA clutch arms:  49g Polaris, 55g Polaris, 58g Polaris Turbo Style, 65g Polaris Turbo Style
  • Weights are machined with the base gram weight on the side of the arm
  • These slug magnets are like running 5 magnets in the slot.  Most AA weights listed above only hold 4 magnets per hole.  This slug will stick out past the hole, and give you more weight in scenarios where a fully loaded weight is not enough.
  • Not for use in our 100g the P90X clutch found on 2020 Pro XP & 2021+ Pro & RZR Turbo models.  The 100g base weights can hold 5 magnets in each hole already, so these slugs would not gain you anything.
  • Each slug weighs roughly 2 grams more than 4 of our standard magnets
  • Our standard magnets are roughly 1.4g each. The slug is roughly 8 grams (slightly heavier than 5 magnets)
  • Includes 9 slug magnets
  • Part #:  105-1011