AA Custom Tuned Power Vision for 2016 RZR XP Turbo with BIG INJECTORS



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  • AA’s performance tunes are offered loaded directly on the Powervision ECU tuner!  This versatile tuner allows our tunes to easily be uploaded to your factory ECU, switch between tunes, and even return to stock.  The is also a great gauge showing boost, timing and more. You can leave the hooked up for gauges, or completely remove it after flashing your ECU. The also has excellent data logging capabilities if you download the software, and use your laptop.  You can even view trouble codes and erase them on the fly.  We are highly experienced in tuning these RZR’s and that will show. Our tunes are simply set up correctly, and everyone with a Powervision should have these tunes! They are also easily labeled and will show rough horsepower claims with supporting mods such as exhaust and clutching. These tunes modify all the necessary maps to create big horsepower, while still maintaining a reliable and safe RZR.  Each tune is built specifically for your Powervision allowing us to change the tire size or fan temp if needed.  These tunes are also specifically written for our larger injectors and cannot be used with your factory injectors.  When data logging with stock injectors we can see we are using over 105% duty cycle, and dynojet’s tune(because of a different way they adjust fuel) is at 114% duty cycle! These are simply numbers you do not want to see. This greatly increases the chance of injector failure, and is not nearly as precise fueling at WOT.  Polaris upgraded injectors on the 2017 models, and you should also!  Not only did we upgrade injectors, but we imported many map fixes from the 2017 to make for a better running machine with more power and even more response.


  • Massive horsepower gains
  • Quicker throttle response and power delivery
  • Throttle by wire limiters disabled
  • Tunes will not throw an overboost code
  • Fan on/off temp lowered to 190/185 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Seatbelt limiter disabled
  • Speed limiter removed in low and high gears
  • Rev limit at a safe 9200rpm
  • Misfire sensitivity is turned down to prevent false codes and the ability to run our launch control module
  • See how to install and use the tuner in this VIDEO
  • Many map imports from 2017 models to make a better and more powerful RZR
  • No mess of having to send in your ECU.  This is a much safer way of programming your ECU
  • Very easy to use tuner that can also check and erase most trouble codes
  • Easily data log 32 parameters with 1 push of a button and review on your windows computer later
  • We update your device to make sure the tuning process goes smoothly
  • Mount using the supplied dual lock velcro, or purchase this Steering Column Mount which is shown in the images
  • 1 Tune is included in the initial price.  Additional tunes are $50 each.  We would highly recommend at least 2 tunes so you have good options if you run into poorer fuel quality.
  • The Level 1 tune is great increase in boost showing a 15-20rwhp gain at 14-14.5psi of boost maximum. This tune is extremely responsive, and will be your “hold it pinned for a mile” tune. Very easy on the motor, yet big power. Basically the same boost level as the factory 2017 mapping. If you are just looking to upgrade to you This tune works excellent with the stock, or aftermarket exhaust. Stock clutching can be used, however clutching will provide a bigger difference.
  • The Level 2 tune offers 15-15.5psi of boost and a wicked 25-30rwhp gain.  This level 2 tune gives you reliable and big power you can hammer on all day. This tune can be used with the stock or aftermarket exhaust.  Clutching is necessary to properly transfer the power to the ground.  91 Octane tune.
  • The Level 3 tune offers 100% maximum horsepower on pump fuel!  Running 16.5-16.8psi of boost max, we gain a huge 35-40rwhp! Requires 91-93 octane fuel. If you are running 91 octane, be sure it’s non ethanol & non oxygenated. If your area does not offer quality pump fuel, a half can of VP Madditive or Torco Accelerator will work. A small mix of a 1/2 gallon race fuel would also work to boost the octane to a safe level.  Exhaust is recommended.
  • The Level 4 tune runs 17.2-17.7 PSI max and will really throw down the power! 45-50rwhp gains have been seen with this boost pressure.  This tune requires 96 octane fuel.  For most people, this will be a can of VP Madditive or Torco Accelerator per tank, or 2 gallons of 110 race fuel or better per tank.  We also recommend shortening your waste gate actuator rod by 1.5-2 turns to prevent the waste gate from opening slightly, and limiting boost. This VIDEO shows how to do this.  Exhaust and clutching are needed with this tune.
  • The level 5 tune really ignites the fire with gains of 50-55rwhp!  This tune is developed for 110 octane fuel (unleaded is recommended if you are keeping you plan on running your o2 sensor) and really hits hard.  We add just a little more boost running you from 17.7-18 psi.  This is where we found the turbo to max out for the most part, so we went to our timing tables and did some work. Adding a revised timing curve makes this tune come out of hole even harder, and keep pulling for days. In testing over our level 3 tune, we had to add 3 grams of clutch weight to run the same RPM. If you are racing, or really want to show you’re buddies who’s boss… this is the tune you want! We also recommend shortening your waste gate actuator rod by 1.5-2 turns to prevent the waste gate from opening slightly, and limiting boost. This VIDEO shows how to do this.  Exhaust and clutching are needed with this tune
  • Level 6:  Have E85 local to you?  Time to fill up and start turning heads!   E85 is a great race fuel replacement as it runs very cool and can sustain high boost and advanced timing maps….. which equal awesome power!  We crank out all our level 5 tune has and even a little more.  Keep in mind E85 takes about 30% more fuel to run, so it will guzzle fuel fast.  This tune runs an average of 18-18.5 PSI of boost and will require you to adjust the waste gate. AA HIGH FLOW FUEL PUMP IS NEEDED WITH THIS TUNE. Exhaust, BOV, & clutching are also needed.   Crack pressure should be set at 6.5-7psi.
  • Max boost levels are listed as reference only. Altitude, temperature, charge temps, intercooler temps and many other conditions play into a factor of final boost output. AA tunes do a better job of making sure you reach these levels as the factory tunes are overly safe.
  • Why our tunes over the dynojet tunes? This really depends on our tune level.  The great thing with our tunes is they are easily labeled, list boost numbers, and rough horsepower gains. They have been proven to make and hold power longer than the dynojet tunes.  Not only this, but we test with clutching, exhaust, and other parts to ensure our tunes work well with all factors.  Lower level tunes(1-2) are actually much safer than a dynojet “max boost” tune especially if running stock exhaust, yet deliver more power than their low boost tunes.  Safer tunes will hold power longer, and be much easier on your motor.  When your RZR detunes because boost is too high for the modifications or fuel, it can become slower than stock!  Our level 3 tune has higher boost, and comes on harder. Our level 4 tune and up are adding in race fuel and will offer even more power than any dynojet tune.  Since we have so much time on RZR’s, we know the limits and can push the limiters further giving you higher speed limits, and many other things hidden in our maps. Everything is taken care of for you, ensuring you have the best tune(s) out there… that should be worth every penny!
  • If you have any other needs in these tunes, or any concerns; please e-mail!