TIED Secondary Clutch Upgrade For 2016-UP RZR XP 1000




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  • A great upgrade for your 2016-up RZR XP 1000.  Replace your tired BOSS secondary with a Tied clutch matched up with our proprietary spring and helix customizable to your machine and riding style.
  • For  2016 and newer machines Polaris went to a BOSS secondary clutch that is  cheap and wears out extremely fast.  Our replacement is a Tied version built specifically for the transmission shaft of  the 2016+ models.  It’s the same style of clutch that came on the  2014-15 XP 1000’s and other higher end models throughout the years.  It is a tried-and-true performer. This clutch is a great design that works very well and lasts a long time. Upgrading your secondary means less belt/clutch issues,  better clutch consistency, and superior performance for the long haul.
  • Depending on many factors, we normally see factory secondary clutches start to fail between 1000-2000 miles.  If your secondary fails, it could also potentially damage your primary clutch.  This makes for a rough day on the trail.
  • Although we do sell a roller conversion kit that drastically increases the performance and longevity of the BOSS secondary, this replacement is the true fix.
  • Perfect for those with a primary clutch in good working order or that already have primary clutch upgrades
  • Fits 2016-Up 2 & 4 Seat RZR XP 1000 Models.  Will NOT fit 2014-15
  • Clutch will come fully assembled.  Simply remove yours and slide ours on
  • An awesome upgrade for both stock and modified machines
  • Wicked throttle response and quicker downshifts
  • More consistent clutch performance
  • Clutch floats back and forth on the secondary shaft.  This ensures the clutch stays aligned with the primary clutch at all times, even under torque/power.
  • Engine braking in the secondary clutch can be removed for more free wheeling when off the throttle
  • Less belt slap on the clutch cover which improves belt life and longevity
  • Cooler running belt temps (especially when running larger tires or paddles!)
  • We offer two kits: Standard Load & High Load.  The Standard Load kit is meant for stock or near stock size tires  (28-30″) and is the one for most fast pace trail riders or racers.  The  High Load clutch kit is meant for those with larger tires (31-32″), mud  tires, dune riders, and those with paddles 28″ or larger.  Mudding and  duning are considered high load and must be clutched slightly different.
  • Engine Braking Option:  Choose between keeping engine braking like  factory or removing it.  Most faster pace trail riders/racer or dune  riders will choose to remove it.  Most slower pace riders like mud,  crawling or very hilly terrain will keep the EBS in place.
  • Kits include: Fully assembled Tied secondary clutch with AA secondary spring and a custom cut AA helix
  •  Special tools recommended for installation: Tied clutch belt removal tool
  • We recommend reading this article about your clutch system wear before making a purchase as well:   https://aftermarketassassins.com/tech-blog/f/clutch-issues-2016-rzr-1000-900-generals?blogcategory=Clutching
  • Part number: 108-1029