Can Am X3 AA Charge Tube Kit





  •  Charge tube kits for Can Am X3 Models 120hp, 154hp, 172hp, 195hp
  • Heavier ply than OEM for less charge tube expansion which helps drive the boosted air to the engine faster
  • High quality tubes & clamps less likely to develop leaks over OEM
  • Wrapped silicone design makes the charge tube even stronger than standard silicone
  • Stainless HD T-Bolt Clamps
  • Includes a port (capped) for a boost pressure sensor (only needed if you don’t have the PV3 tuner, or if you are running high boost levels over what the PV3 will display)
  • Optional 25mm cap should be purchased with the Non-BOV kit, if not planning on running a BOV (we do this as some already have a BOV kit)
  • Optional kit comes with the BOV and plug

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2017-19, 2017-19, add BOV kit, 2019-19, add BOV Cap, 2020-22, 2020-22, add BOV kit, 2020-22, add BOV Cap