Aftermarket Assassins RZR P90X Secondary Clutch Rollers




  • Rollers fit the P90X secondary clutch found on 2021+ Pro XP, 2021 Turbo & Turbo-S, and 2021+ Ranger XP 1000 Dual Cam only (STD & Crew Cab)
  • Does NOT fit 2020 Pro XP, 2018-2020 Ranger P90X, or Pro R 4 Cylinder models with the e-clip holding the roller on
  • OEM rollers have small locking tabs molded into them which wear away quickly and allow the roller to fall off.  This is not a problem as the helix holds the roller in place, but makes assembling the clutch harder.  Our rollers have a machined locking ridge that will outlast the OEM locking tabs.  These take more force to install on the roller pin, but are much better designed.
  • Machined in-house from the highest quality clutch roller material out there
  • Withstands extremely high temps, is shock load resistant, and flat spot resistant due to hardness
  • See the installation instructions HERE
  • Part number: 108-1060