Aftermarket Assassins 2016-Up RZR Turbo/Turbo S/Pro XP/Turbo R High Flow Charge Tube




  • The factory charge tube is made from cheap plastic, is very small, and bottle necks in the middle.  Whenever you bottleneck air, it makes that air hotter which is a huge problem when turning up the boost.  We see much cooler charge air temps when data logging with our charge tube vs the factory one.
  • This charge tube fits all 2016-2022 RZR XP Turbo Models, Turbo S 72″ Models, & 2020-22 RZR Pro XP/Turbo R
  • Larger volume greatly reduces heat buildup in the charge tube for more consistent performance
  • Must-have for anyone running 18+ PSI of boost as the factory tube will burst above this
  • Charge tube will not fail like the cheap factory plastic one
  • Charge tube diameter is 2.25″
  • Aluminum dissipates heat and flows better than plastic or silicone
  • Bead rolled ends to hold even under high boost pressures
  • Much better sealing with high quality silicone couplers and T clamps
  • Side map sensor location allows better fitment of the sensor under the bed
  • Mounts easily and nicely in the factory location
  • We highly recommend this for anyone running our tunes, especially Level 3 & higher
  • Made at the AA Facility in the USA
  • See instructions HERE
  • 2016-2022 RZR XP Turbo Models, Turbo S 72″ Models Part number: 112-1005
  • 2020-22 RZR Pro XP Turbo Part Number: 112-1005-PXP

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2016-2022 RZR XP Turbo or Turbo S, 2020-2022 RZR Pro XP or Turbo R