AA Roller Conversion Kit for Slider BOSS Secondary Clutch




  • A MUST-HAVE ITEM!  These high quality rollers replace the square factory sliders found in all of the 2016-Up RZR clutches (Not RS1 or RZR Turbo).  These actual rollers will improve shifting and will show less clutch wear.  This is a great improvement and we’d recommend doing them as soon as possible to prevent your square rollers wearing too far into your clutch.  These are also a higher quality replacement for the inner rollers. Requires removing helix so we recommend upgrading these if you’re installing a Stage 2 clutch kit. Just order two sets for a complete rebuild.
  • Fits 2016-Up RZR models with the square slider BOSS secondary clutch (See picture 2 for reference)
  • Better wear resistance
  • Smoother clutch shift
  • Faster clutch shift
  • A must-have addition when purchasing one of our S2 clutch kits for your RZR XP 1000, RZR 1000 S, General, or RZR 900 S, Trail, XC
  • Replace simply by using a punch to pound out roll pins & roller pin. Install new rollers on new roller pin, then re-insert the small roll pins back into the clutch after aligning the roll pin.
  • See this tech article on clutch wear before purchasing:  https://aftermarketassassins.com/tech-blog/f/clutch-issues-2016-rzr-1000-900-generals
  • See instructions HERE
  • Part number: 108-1003