2021 RZR Turbo & Turbo S Stage 1 Lock & Load Kit



This Kit Includes a FREE Tuner Mount and Air Filter 

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  • Fits 2021 RZR XP Turbo & Turbo S Models
  • Lock & Load!  This Stage 1 kit provides a big increase in horsepower and torque simplified into an easy package.  It includes a PV3 loaded with our custom tuning, S3 clutch kit, Butter Shift Washers, Primary Clutch Limiter, and Iridium Spark Plugs. Tuning and clutching on the RZR turbo or Turbo S go together like high powered rifles and tannerite.  Together they pack a huge punch for the ultimate power gains to the wheels.   The tuning allows for great power depending on the level tune, supporting mods & fuel you want to run.  We change boost, timing and hundreds of parameters to deliver safe, yet big horsepower gains.  The clutching then transfers that power and turns it into wheel power instead of simply just turning it into RPM.    This kit is normally/best paired with our level 2 or 3 tune.
  • 2021 models are in great need of clutching and tuning help.  All 2021 models are a wideband type ECU (blue O2 sensor lead) which is great, as they will trim fuel very quickly to keep you running at peak performance.  However the clutching is in some great need of help, they slip the belt and the primary clutch is weak by design. For this reason we suggest adding the Revolver clutch plate to strengthen the clutch, or even better upgrade to our HD primary clutch (if you upgrade to the HD primary, you will need the P90X clutch puller to remove the OEM clutch). These are kit options.  We highly suggest reading this article about the clutches:  https://aftermarketassassins.com/tech-blog/f/2020-rzr-pro-xp-clutch-issues#
  • Massive horsepower gains bundled into a simple package
  • Quicker throttle response and power delivery
  • All level tunes feature: Throttle by wire limiters disabled, less sensitive overboost code, Fan on/off temp lowered to 185 degrees Fahrenheit, Seatbelt limiter disabled, Speed limiter removed in low and high gears, Rev limit at a safe 9200 RPM, more throttle in low gear, better throttle response, and much more!
  • 1 tune is included in the price.  We would recommend going with 2 tunes, especially if you choose level 3 or higher.
  • For reference; a 2021 RZR Turbo is 168 HP crank horsepower stock machine will dyno at 135-138 RWHP on our dyno
  • All tunes level 3 and higher will need the waste gate rod shorter for maximum power.  Click HERE for a link on how to easily adjust the waste gate.
  • The Level 1 tune is a modified stock power level tune, but has better boost maps to help keep you in the power.  We disable many limiters, up the speed limit, rev limit, and make necessary fuel & timing changes. The factory tune runs a max of 114.5-15psi of boost, and we keep that in this tune, it’s just easier to obtain & maintain that level.
  • The Level 2 tune offers 16-16.5psi of boost and a 10-12rwhp gain.  This tune can be used with the stock or aftermarket exhaust.  Clutching is not needed, but is highly recommended with this tune, as just tuning the machine will not properly transfer the power to the ground. Clutching is another big horsepower gain.  91 Octane tune.
  • The Level 3 tune is a game changer! Hitting hard at +20-25rwhp, this tune offers the highest boost possible(17-17.5psi max) on 91-93 octane fuel.  Due to the thicker head gasket and larger injectors on the 2017+ models, we are able to get away with his kind of power on pump fuel. These are absolutely huge power gains that will have you grinning from ear to ear.  This tune must be used with an aftermarket exhaust and requires clutching.  91 non ethanol/non oxygenated fuel, or 93 octane is required. If fuel in your area is poor, we’d suggest using a half can of VP Madditive or Boostane to help fuel quality.  1/2 gallon of 110 or better race fuel would also work to boost octane levels.  Waste gate rod adjustment (2 turns shorter) is needed for tune to work correctly.  Billet BOV is also highly recommended.
  • Level 4: This tune is designed for 98-100 octane (will run on UTV 96, or most fuels up to 110 octane) and was developed using one can of VP Octanium to a tank of fuel.  Mixing other race fuel with the tune to get 100 octane output would work great, just keep in mind leaded fuels can take out o2 sensors when running leaded fuel consistently. From extensive testing, we know that this is the limit of the factory turbo before it becomes inefficient and simply starts blowing too much hot air. We correct many maps for this octane rating, assuring the most possible power.  This tune pack a huge punch with just a small amount more octane.  Exhaust and clutching are needed with this tune. Waste gate rod adjustment (2 turns shorter) is needed for tune to work correctly. Billet BOV is also recommended.
  • Level 5: get ready to drop the hammer!  If you don’t like to lose races, this tune is your friend…. and If you’re friends don’t like to lose either… they might not be your friends for long.  This tune is developed for 110 octane fuel (unleaded is recommended if you are keeping you plan on running your o2 sensor) and really hits hard.  This tune runs around 18.5-19 max psi.  This is where we found the turbo to max out for the most part, so we went to our timing tables and did some work.  Adding a revised timing curve with these boost pressures is a recipe for absolutely stupid power that hits harder than you can imagine.  Exhaust and clutching are needed with this tune. Waste gate rod adjustment (2 turns shorter) is needed for tune to work correctly. Billet BOV is also recommended.
  • Level 6:  Have E85 local to you?  Time to fill up and start turning heads!  This tune is developed on the stock injectors and stock fuel pump for E85 fuel… that’s right, just gas up and hammer down.  E85 is a great race fuel replacement as it runs very cool and can sustain high boost and advanced timing maps….. which equal awesome power!  We crank out all our level 5 tune has and even a little more.  Keep in mind E85 takes about 30% more fuel to run, so it will guzzle fuel fast.  This tune runs an average of 18.5-19 PSI of boost. Waste gate rod adjustment (2 turns shorter) is needed for tune to work correctly.
  • Helix features a tighter roller & EBS pocket for less clutch slop (clunk) and less chance of rollers breaking
  • Performance Helix 107-1065:  Lighter vehicle weight, lighter tires, or higher horsepower vehicles:  Aggressive helix with acceleration/higher horsepower/aggressive fast pace drivers in mind.  Works best with RZR Turbo or Turbo S 29-32″ tires or 28-30″ paddles with level 2 tune or higher.  
  • High Load Helix 107-1062:    Slightly less aggressive than the 1065 helix with good acceleration gains/power transfer over the OEM helix.  Designed for a normal to heavier vehicle, heavier tires, heavy sand load or crawling type riding in mind.  Works best with RZR Turbo or Turbo S with 29-35″ tires or 28-32″ dune paddles, OEM tune is fine, yet still works great with added HP.    Best all around helix for the 2021 RZR Turbo.
  • For even more info on the products in this kit, see the individual product listings.
  • If needing extra shims to align your clutch properly, we recommend our P90X Secondary Clutch Alignment Shim Kit.
  • Highly recommend upgrading to our Heavy Duty P90X Secondary Clutch Rollers.
  • The only somewhat special tool needed is this: Secondary Clutch Compression Tool
  • If you have any other needs in these tunes, or any concerns; please e-mail!